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How to Make Time for Yourself

Time management seems to become a real problem for everyone. We spend too much time working, taking care of others and facing different day to day issues. Moreover, we start confronting permanently with numerous thoughts and the chaotic and exhausting lifestyle is leaving us lifeless. In this circumstances, it is important to know how to manage your time in order to be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

“I would love to...”. This is one thing we often hear, but without any actual fulfillment. Time is passing by so quickly and the hectic lifestyle leaves us no time to do those things we most like or spend time with the ones we love. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to make time for yourself, relax and release stress. For this, you should first know how much time do you need in order to feel better.

Then, looking at your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, establish that quality time you need with yourself. Besides, we all hate a crowded bus or the interminable lineup for the hot morning espresso. Therefore, if you are one of these persons, you should leave the house 10 minutes earlier. Here are a few tips on how to make time for yourself.

  • One good idea that might help you make some time for yourself would be to adopt the already known method of the to-do list. This might prove being that lifesaver your were looking for in order to make some extra time for yourself. The principle is very simple and it works like this. You should make a list with different things you want to do and others you have to do, both at home and at the office.

    Remember that you must make a very well-established list following a certain hierarchy, not randomly. Otherwise, your effort will be in vain. Therefore, take a few minutes and think about all the things you need to do the following day establishing which are of utmost importance and which can be postponed. This will help you organize your tasks better.

    Moreover, you should start with those things you like less, leaving the most pleasant ones at the end. This way, pressed of finishing the ones you like the most, you'll be able to finish more rapidly and efficiently.

  • You could also establish when you are more creative and being fully aware of this, set the tasks based on this. For example, if you are more efficient in the morning, try to schedule the hardest tasks in the morning. On the other hand, if you know that you are not too efficient at 8 a clock, you should better reorganize your list.

  • Postponing can become a real bad habit that can totally ruin your schedule. Therefore, when you have a bigger project to do, you should better divide it into several segments, smaller and easier to organize. Another bad habit that doesn't leave you enough time for yourself is not being able say "NO". You should learn to refuse politely certain projects or tasks, bringing in the same time different alternatives.

  • We spend a lot of our time on the road between the office and the supermarket, or the gym and home. In order to reduce this time to the minimum, the best thing to do is to schedule all the appointments in the mornings or at the end of the day. Another thing you could do would be to schedule all your personal and professional meetings in one day.

    Well, it might sound a little bit crazy, and without any doubt, this day will be more than endless, but think that the rest of the week will be more relaxing and less exhausting. If you have children and you wan to keep your weekends intact, schedule all the appointments to the doctor or any extracurricular activity after school. When going to work, in the car, you can listen to music and relax, or, on the bus or subway, learn a new foreign language.

  • During the day, despite any precious to-do list, there are different things that arise and turn everything upside down. Well, in this context, a very useful solution would be to create a 1 hour “nonexistent” activity. This is a leeway that will allow you a well-deserved breakaway from the hectic society. One hour of relaxation when you can go to the massage, read your favorite book, paint, or just enjoy nature around you. It's up to you to establish this hour based on your priorities.

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