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How to Treat Toxic Emotions

There is a tight relation between beauty and health. Your body is like a complex network where all things are strongly connected between them and they all have to work properly for you to feel healthy and happy. Emotions play an important role in this network as they affect our mind and hormones. Certain emotions can affect different organs, such as the powerful emotions affect the heart and blood circulation. Still, there are emotions that have a positive effect rather than a negative one. But, everything in excess can become poisonous.

This kind of emotions can have negative consequences upon our body and mostly upon our emotional and social life. They cause sadness and deprive you and people around you of all those moments of real happiness.

What are toxic emotions?

Toxic emotions represent a major problem that affects both men and women. In life, there are two types of experiences depending on whether this experience nourishes our mind and body or it's just a source of toxicity for our spiritual and physical life. So, toxic emotions are all those feelings such as fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety or guilt, that start dominating the mind with negative thoughts and bringing troubles into our lives.
Studies have shown that there is a certain connection between these negative emotions and some types of cancer, mental diseases, social problems, low productivity, fertility problems, abuse and violence or substance abuse.
Not only they affect our inner world and our health, but also our physique and beauty. Our skin loses luminosity and it becomes dull, acne appears to those predisposed, we tend to eat in excess and gain weight, hair loss and the appearance of wrinkles.

Types of toxic emotions

It is advisable to identify if you confront with one of these emotions because in most cases there are very simple methods to control them. But, in chronic cases one might need therapy. There are a few types of toxic emotions, that are interconnected, such as constant fear, sadness, anger, jealousy, shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, resentment and stress.


  • Like in every problem or disease, the first step towards healing is to admit that you are facing with a major crisis and accept the fact that you need to treat yourself. You must determine the type of toxic emotion you are dealing with, whether it is anger, anxiety or jealousy. Start describing into words what you are feeling and what are your thoughts at that moment. It is said that words are the best way to release toxic emotions.

  • Then, you need to find someone you trust and share this with that person. Discuss about your problem, telling him all your worries and concerns.

  • Surround yourself with people you love and try to spend more time with your family and friends. Go on holiday together or just gather your friends at your house and watch a comedy together.

  • Start writing down about what you are experiencing and what are your feelings. This way, everything will become more clear and you'll feel more released.

  • Spending some time in a meditative prayer can help you release all those poisonous emotions and sorrows.

  • Get a massage or start dancing so you can allow all toxicity to be released. Get a massage as often as you can, because all those emotions will be released due to the pressure applied on the tense areas.

  • Yoga is of great help in this case as it helps releasing all negative emotions due to the fact that during a yoga class you strengthen both mind and body.

  • Listen to the music that makes you feel free and happy, make time to prepare your favorite dish and try, once in a while, to buy yourself a nice present.

  • Try to stay focused on the present, enjoy every aspect of your life and don't think too much about the past or the future.

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